TEDxChorlton is an independently organised event which will be taking place on 13th December in Manchester, UK. It aims to provide a myriad of talking points and discussions involving young people from the area. It will also allow for the spreading of related ideas, and is planned to become an annual happening.

This year’s TEDxChorlton is scheduled to be of slightly shorter duration and smaller size than the other TEDx formats in the near vicinity. This will allow for thorough apprehension of the talks and more meaningful communication between all participants. We have made the choice to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Our speakers, ranging from multi-million entrepreneurs to world-class actors, are our best asset. Socially engaged and thrillingly noteworthy, they celebrate the power that positive ideas have to change the world. We are proud to have secured their electrifying presence at our conference.

This half-day event is bound to inspire and motivate you to achieve great success. Like all TEDx formats, we strive for delivering the best experience for our audience, speakers and team.

But do not forget that TEDxChorlton is a unique opportunity for you, as a participant, to network and meet a handful of inspiring people who have the power to change your life. We will be providing considerable time for socialising, and we strongly encourage you to take full advantage of it.

Do not sit back and relax. Come forward and make TEDxChorlton your TEDxChorlton!

The power of imagination makes us infinite

- John Muir